Friday, August 24, 2012

Art/Visual Journal...Finally Started

Posting some pages out of the visual journal that I am trying to keep. I have never been much of a diary keeper but I think I will do a better job of it if I mix it up with art.

The flowers on this page are made out of leftover painted parchment paper that I did in another class. Love that technique!

This was the result of watching way too much of the Olympic games. I am not a raving feminist by any means but I loved how well the girls performed and the fact that this was the first time we sent more female athletes. I also loved seeing the women from muslim countries participating for the first time.

First time to play with watercolor pencils. I really like them!

I love the way the book paper butterflies look with a wash of watercolor!

A reminder to slow down and really live in the moment! Part of the journaling says "How can I blink and suddenly days, weeks, months and years are gone. Lost in the midst of everyday life."

Enjoy your weekend...and create some art!!

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