Saturday, June 9, 2012

Stretching My Creative Wings

I am really trying to work on art journaling. Trying to spend at least a few minutes every day working in it. In fact, I just joined a Flickr group started by Julie Feifan-Balzer. Not necessarily finishing a page each day but working in it...stretching my creative wings...growing. 

This is yesterday's result. I stretched and it felt good. Nothing hard or complicated here. 

I think this will turn into a scrapbook/art journal that celebrates the life of my brother. I have never combined the two before...again stretching my creative wings. 

It will be a place to record things about him that I don't want to forget. I am excited to see how it turns out...where it ends up. Cancer claimed him at the age of 42. This will be a celebration of a live that ended too soon but was lived to the fullest.

I have no idea what gift this note is talking about or if I even wrapped it for him. I hope I did. I don't know how old he was...young, it appears from the handwriting. What a wonderful thing to find tucked into an old book.

What a wonderful thing life is.

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