Thursday, April 28, 2011

Scrapbook on the Road

A couple of weeks ago I purchased Ali Edwards' Scrapbook on the Road class determined to get something ready to take with me to capture life as it happened on my cruise. Before that I had bought "Remains of the Day - a shabby journal of scraps", a self-paced class taught by Mary Ann Moss. After looking at the video, I decided it would be much more time-intensive to get it ready by May 1 (sail date...WooHoo!!) so I turned to Ali. You can always count on Ali for quick but cool things and this little class was no exception. Yesterday I finished my travel journal and thought I would post it for y'all to see. I didn't buy a single thing while putting this together! Every bit of it came out of my paper scrapping stash (which, by the way, is huge!).

The base for the album is a sheer five-ring tab book by Maya Road. 

I love this paper...the swirls and ledger lines and the words "laugh" and "savor". Great words for a life motto.

I have no idea where I got this "for you information" block but isn't it great?

Can't wait to see what will end up in this envelope.

The delight arrow started out as a little house tag.  I cut off the chimney and, voila!, an arrow. The blue page behind it is leftover packaging from some stickers I had.


Love this idea of Ali's...painting over stickers. It's a great way to use up old stickers of any color. These were hot pink and lime green. It makes a great embossed tag.

I am so looking forward to filling this with journaling on the spot and with bits and pieces of the places I visit. Have to make sure I buy a little stapler before I leave and pack my glue sticks, pens and extra paper clips.

I think the best thing about this scrapbook is that it will basically be finished by the time I get back. All I will have to do is print off some 4x6 pictures. I have been on several cruises and don't have a single finished scrapbook of any of them...just random pages here and there. So, So, SO excited about this travel journal!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

IPad Drool

Yesterday JT (my sweet husband) and I spent some time at Best Buy looking at the new color Nooks and ended up at the IPad2 display (SERIOUS drool going on here). I would really like to have one but...

1) how much would I use it after the "new" wore off?
2) I'm really not much of a gamer...unless playing a fairly mean game of Tetris qualifies me
3) It's a lot bigger than a Nook
4) How much time will it take away from my design efforts?
5) How many true crime tv shows will I have to give up to "pay" for the time I'm spending on my IPad2?

These are all serious questions/observations and I haven't even talked about money yet!! We decided to shelve the decision for the time being and went to Dairy Queen...I also love Turtle Waffle Bowls.