Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thankful Musings #1

I want to really focus on being thankful this month...I want gratitude to always be second nature to me.  I want it to define my life.  I want to meditate on it day and night and so I am going to stop each evening during November and write what I am thankful for.

Today I am thankful for a godly husband...one who strives to love me as Christ loves the church.  Trust me, this is no easy task.  I can be hard to get along with..."fire-y" is how some people describe me.  I can't argue with them...I can only claim to be less "fire-y" than I was in my younger days...God is still working on me and "my baby loves me just the way that I am" as the song goes.

I am also thankful for help that comes from unexpected places.  We are in the middle of a DIY kitchen remodel.  Our second son avoids manual labor like the plague.  Today he spent several hours removing old tile and grout and glue...it doesn't get much more manual than that.  Totally out of the blue, he volunteers to help and saved me a lot of hours.  Thank you, Cody, from the bottom of my heart...and my beat-up, scraped and sometimes bleeding knuckles.  I love you.

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