Saturday, April 23, 2011

IPad Drool

Yesterday JT (my sweet husband) and I spent some time at Best Buy looking at the new color Nooks and ended up at the IPad2 display (SERIOUS drool going on here). I would really like to have one but...

1) how much would I use it after the "new" wore off?
2) I'm really not much of a gamer...unless playing a fairly mean game of Tetris qualifies me
3) It's a lot bigger than a Nook
4) How much time will it take away from my design efforts?
5) How many true crime tv shows will I have to give up to "pay" for the time I'm spending on my IPad2?

These are all serious questions/observations and I haven't even talked about money yet!! We decided to shelve the decision for the time being and went to Dairy Queen...I also love Turtle Waffle Bowls.

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  1. love the colors of your background, Michelle. Welcome to the world of blogging!